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OFM Day 5 of 40 days Fasting and Prayers

GREAT MERCY LOCATE ME            TEXT: Luke 1:58, Ps.51:1-3

Prayer points
(1) My father x 2! As I pray now, by your great mercy, put an end to every stubborn situation in my life now in Jesus Name
(2) My father x2,  As I pray now, by the covenant of great mercy, I call my life out  of every unknown suffering and punishment in Jesus Name
(3) My father x 2, What my prayer and fasting could not achieve for me last year, O Lord, use your great mercy to bring them to pass in my life this year in Jesus Name
(4) O Lord, let your great mercy turn every good dream and prophecies about me into daylight realities in Jesus Name
(5) The great mercy that will accelerate the journey of my life where it will speak out glory descend on me now in Jesus Name
(6) My God, be willing in your compassion to bestow upon me and my generation the covenant of great mercy in Jesus Name
(7) O Lord, in your great mercy, use the overflowing joy of my life to cause tears for  my enemies in Jesus Name

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