Apst. Johnson Suleman 2021 Prophecy

Words of Wisdom

Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Some words of wisdom from the great Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Some words of wisdom from the great Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Rhema for living

This blog was created to take the gospel into homes, schools, offices and businesses of millions across the nations. For far too long the media has been used as a tool to promote the agenda of the enemy and turn the hearts of men away from the path of salvation; it is up to God’s children to take a stand and use this powerful tool called ‘MEDIA’ for the gospel and expansion of the Kingdom.



Another major characteristics of the citizens of the kingdom of God is praying. Not a “once- in -a- while” prayer, but praying without ceasing, which is a lifestyle. The house of God is a house of prayer (19:46)for praying for citizens not a den for thieves, due to prayerlessness. 

Every notable citizen of the kingdom in the Bible were men and women of prayer. They communed with God in prayer and made impact. When our Master and perfect example, Jesus was on earth, He was prayer personified. Despite the fact that He was the son of God, He prayed ceaselessly, always setting aside time to commune with God in prayer. He began with prayer and  He ended with prayer, lay down His life for redemption of man

Why then are many not praying or struggling to pray? The answers are not farfetched. Praying is a discipline that requires one to give oneself to it(Acts 6:4). It is not a gift as there must be a deliberate and conscious decision to discipline oneself to pray and not many are ready to. The truth is, God has given us His Holy Spirit who helps us to pray ( Romans 8:26) but requires fellowship, consistency and devotion not a random prayer life. 


My Father! My Father! As I   to pray now, I receive fresh passion to pray

Work on Your Desires

Work on your desires

OFM Day 5 of 40 days Fasting and Prayers

GREAT MERCY LOCATE ME            TEXT: Luke 1:58, Ps.51:1-3

Prayer points
(1) My father x 2! As I pray now, by your great mercy, put an end to every stubborn situation in my life now in Jesus Name
(2) My father x2,  As I pray now, by the covenant of great mercy, I call my life out  of every unknown suffering and punishment in Jesus Name
(3) My father x 2, What my prayer and fasting could not achieve for me last year, O Lord, use your great mercy to bring them to pass in my life this year in Jesus Name
(4) O Lord, let your great mercy turn every good dream and prophecies about me into daylight realities in Jesus Name
(5) The great mercy that will accelerate the journey of my life where it will speak out glory descend on me now in Jesus Name
(6) My God, be willing in your compassion to bestow upon me and my generation the covenant of great mercy in Jesus Name
(7) O Lord, in your great mercy, use the overflowing joy of my life to cause tears for  my enemies in Jesus Name